The moment I have been waiting for has arrived:  WOODSTOCK!

There was no way I was going to miss the opportunity to see that little bundle of yellow-feathered cuteness, so I dragged myself out of bed from my post second dose of Moderna- required nap and headed over to the bench.  I was rewarded with the sight of one of my favorite Peanuts Gang characters, Woodstock!  Poor thing; he was looking so confused on his painted rock.  I wonder what he saw that perplexed him so…

No worries, Woodstock, everything will be alright!  Snoopy to the rescue!

Maybe Woodstock’s confused about what type of bird he is, since nobody really knows.  One thing for sure—he doesn’t fly very well, even though his best pal, Snoopy, attempted to teach him how to fly, after the little fellow was abandoned by his mother.

Snoopy, is Woodstock’s “friend of friends,” as the little bird refers to his canine buddy.  Snoopy is the only one who understands Woodstock’s chirps, and they really seem to have a great understanding of one another.  Yes, they do have their squabbles; however, they always make up and hug in the end.

Woodstock, named after the 1969 music festival, may be wing-challenged; however, he is Snoopy’s very capable helicopter pilot.  He is also second-in-command of Snoopy’s Beagle Scouts hikes and is always up for an adventure.  Perhaps that is why he looks so alarmed; Snoopy has left for a hike without him!

Perhaps something happened to his worm.  Like most birds, worms were Woodstock’s favorite food—until he fell in love with one.  I’m not sure what became his favorite cuisine after that.

We’ll never know what Woodstock was thinking today; only Snoopy knows that.  One thing I know for sure, though, is that this little random act of cuteness made my day!


The Peanuts Gang took the day off, yesterday, and earlier this morning, the bench near my house remained bare.   When I passed it by on my way to getting my second Moderna vaccine, I was sad to see it empty. 

When I returned, my spirits lifted when I spotted a new addition:  Rerun!

Rerun van Pelt is Lucy and Linus’s little brother.  Born on May 23, 1972, Linus decided to start calling his baby brother “Rerun,” because big sis, Lucy, compared having a second brother to TV reruns.  (I’m sure that’s what my big brother thought of me when I came along after living his first 3-1/2 years with two older sisters.)

Always sporting a cool pair of overalls and spiky hair, Rerun was most often spotted on the back of Mom’s bicycle looking terrified.

At the ripe old age of 1, Rerun joined Charlie Brown’s baseball team.  A few weeks later, their team actually won their first game; however, they were forced to forfeit, due to a gambling scandal.  It was later revealed that Rerun had bet on the game with Snoopy.  At his tender age, it appeared as if Rerun was already making a shady reputation for himself.  As for Snoopy, well, we all know about his shenanigans!

Following the scandal, Charlie Brown wouldn’t let Rerun play on his team, telling him he was too young and too small.  Rerun accused Charlie of discrimination, obtained a court order (signed by no other than Snoopy, the “World Famous Attorney”), and finally got to play.

Rerun also had a go at basketball, when Linus attempted to teach little bro how to play.  The tyke wasn’t any good at the sport, though, and often kicked the ball in frustration, only to have it bounce back at him.  At one point, Rerun tossed the basketball in his closet, closed the door, and said, “You can come out when you learn to behave.”


Today, it was Charlie Brown’s close pal, Shermy, smiling up at me from the bench of little random acts of kindness.  Although Linus was Charlie Brown’s main man, Shermy was his next closest bud in the early years.

Back in the ol’ days, Shermy was always there for Charlie when the going got tough; and, once in a while, he filled in at first base on Charlie’s baseball team.

Here’s a bit of trivia for you:  Shermy was named after Charles M. Schulz’s high school friend, Sherman Plepler and was one of the main Peanuts characters before Linus and Schroeder came along.

You wouldn’t have seen much of Shermy in the animated TV specials after the 1960’s, though.  By then, Shermy had wandered out of The Peanuts Gang.  He later disappeared from the comic strips as well.

Thanks for coming back to see us here at Sun City Peachtree, Shermy!  It has been a long time, but it was great to see you again!


I was sad yesterday; the bench was bare both times I checked for another painted rock.  The hummingbird flew away, along with my note to the artist.  Would another Peanuts Gang kid return?  Perhaps Woodstock would fly in and make an appearance!  My anticipation grew as I waited for today.

On my way to the pool, I glanced over to the bench and saw nothing.  “Oh well,” I muttered to myself, wondering if they were gone for good.

As I drove up the street, I glanced over to the bench near the first hole of Sun City Peachtree’s golf course and saw a painted rock!  Has The Peanuts Gang gone on tour?

After my swim workout, I noticed another rock on the bench around the corner on Del Webb Boulevard.  I cranked a quick U-turn to see who was getting wet in the rain.  It was Linus and Snoopy, from April 4th!  I continued towards home, and, although I didn’t get out of my car this time, I stopped to get a glimpse of the rock on that bench near the golf course.  I think it was Pig-Pen!

The Peanuts Gang IS on the move, touring Sun City Peachtree!  I headed up the street to the bench by my house to see if one of Charlie Brown’s other pals was there.  Glancing out the rain-splattered car window, I could see the red piano!  It’s Schroeder, gracefully playing some bars of Ludwig van Beethoven!

I quickly made my way home, parked the car; and, grabbed my camera and umbrella.  When I arrived at the bench, Schroeder was too engrossed to look up.

Schroeder never bothered acknowledging Lucy van Pelt, either, except to express annoyance at her leaning on his coveted toy piano.  (It was Lucy who was so infatuated with the talented prodigy, not Sally as I previously stated, (and then corrected, in a previous post.)

I never felt sorry for Lucy’s rejection by Schroeder, because she was so darn mean to poor ol’ Charlie Brown.  What goes around, comes around, Lucy!

Well, thank you, Schroeder, for bringing some sunshine to my heart on this dreary, rainy day!  I hope one of your buddies visits tomorrow!


Today, I was sure Woodstock would be smiling up from his rock on the bench and greet me.  As I walked up the sidewalk, picking up the pace, I could see it was a different painted rock than yesterday.  My heart rate increased along with my anticipation.  Woodstock, is that YOU?

No, it was another bird, instead—a hummingbird!  But, wait!  Woodstock’s buddies look just like him!  There aren’t any hummingbirds in his flock.

Will the Peanuts Gang return tomorrow?  That remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, I left this note under the rock, in a Ziploc bag, hopeful it will be found by its intended recipient:

Dear artist,

I have been writing about your adorable creations!


Scroll down to read the oldest post first; it’s an ongoing mystery!  Will it be solved?




Since a different Peanuts Gang pal of Charlie Brown has made a bench appearance each day, I was excited to see who would be depicted on a painted rock today.  Another warm afternoon (before tomorrow’s predicted thunderstorms) made it conducive for the short walk to the bench to investigate.

Making his painted-rock appearance today was perpetually dirty, dust and dirt magnet, Pig-Pen!  (Having just taken my shower, I didn’t want to get too close for fear of being enveloped by Pig-Pen’s always-present cloud of dirt and dust.) 

Poor guy.  Even when Pig-Pen gets cleaned up, he always manages to attract a huge, dirt cloud around him, the moment he steps outside.  Kind-hearted Charlie Brown accepts Pig-Pen for who he is, though, unlike Patty and Violet who hurl insults at the messy kid.

Tomorrow, the rains will come and wash Pig-Pen off before he is removed from the bench; however, he won’t stay clean for long!


It is a warm and beautiful day, so I was sure another Peanuts Gang would appear on the bench in all its painted glory.  I first saw Charlie Brown, several days ago (although, I didn’t photograph or write about him), and then Linus and Snoopy followed.  Yesterday, Peppermint Patty came to visit, so who would be next? 

Today, it’s Sally Brown, Charlie’s little sister!  After reading up a bit on Sally (to fill in the holes of my spotty memory), I was reminded that her crush wasn’t Schroeder, as I previously stated; it was Linus van Pelt!  How could I forget?  (Due to my error, I edited my previous post.)

Ah, yes, Linus was her “Sweet Babboo,” much to Linus’s dismay and embarrassment.  Sally’s devotion to her crush was unwavering, though, even when Linus yelled in exasperation, “I’m not your sweet babboo!”  Was it her nickname for Linus that irritated him so much, or was it that Sally kept trying to get him to give up his blanket?  Poor Sally was hopelessly devoted to her “Sweet Babboo;” however, the blanket won out as Linus’s main squeeze.

Who will be next?  Will there be an Act 4?  In addition to the other pals of Charlie Brown that I previously mentioned, Linus and Lucy had a little brother by the name of Rerun.  Will he ride in on the back of Mom’s bike to grace our Sun City Peachtree bench?

There is also the pony-tailed Violet Gray and Shermy, Charlie’s bud before Linus and Schroeder came along.  Perhaps they’ll make an appearance.

Personally, I’m hoping to see Woodstock, Snoopy’s little yellow bestie!  Stay tuned!


It occurred to me that I had first seen Charlie Brown from The Peanuts Gang depicted on a painted rock, before I came across yesterday’s discovery of Linus and Snoopy.  I began to wonder if the bench near my Sun City Peachtree home would soon have their pals smiling up at me from painted rocks as well. 

Last night, Bruce and I tried to remember all of The Peanuts Gang:  Charlie Brown and his little sister, Sally; Beethoven-loving pianist, Schroeder; Linus and big sister Lucy; Peppermint Patty and her friend, Marcie; Franklin; Snoopy and his little yellow pal, Woodstock; Snoopy’s brother, Spike; and, then, who could forget Pig-Pen? We actually remembered only nine of the characters; Wikipedia helped me with the rest.

Today, I returned to the bench, and there she was; Peppermint Patty waving hello!  She was keeping Linus and Snoopy company.  So, who will be next?  Stay tuned…


Since the pandemic began over a year ago, somebody in my Sun City Peachtree community has been leaving painted rocks around the community.  I wrote stories about them, and I never figured out who the artist was behind these little random acts of kindness.

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a very accurate rendition of Charlie Brown; however, I never got around to returning with my camera to capture his sweet grin.

Today, on a beautiful Easter Sunday, the weather was too perfect to not spend some time outside on a walk.  I passed that same bench where I had discovered many other rocks over the past twelve months, and Charlie Brown was gone.  In his place was Linus giving Snoopy a big hug.  Next to them was another rock with a heart.  Who doesn’t love the Peanuts gang?  These little random acts of kindnesses made me smile, and I hope they bring a bit of joy to your day.


Since my last post in May, I had seen a few painted rocks around my Sun City Peachtree community; however, nothing that really inspired me.  Today, while out enjoying the beautiful evening, I noticed this cutie resting on a bench:

I smiled on command. How could I not? Sure, there is plenty to not smile about and plenty that brings me to tears these days. Thanks to this bright-eyed smilie, I had just a little more spring to my step.