Well, aren’t they a couple of cuties!  Pebbles Flinstone and Bamm-Bamm Rubble are playing together on the Sun City Peachtree bench. 

Pebbles is the daughter of Wilma and Fred Flinstone, and Bamm-Bamm is the adopted son of the Flinstones’s best friends Betty and Barney Rubble.  She was born at Bedrock Rockopedic Hospital on February 22, 10,000 B.C., according to the February 22, 1963 edition of TV Guide; however, most versions of the animated show say it was more like 1,000,000 B.C.  Just a minor discrepancy…

Don’t you just love the bone in Pebbles’s hair?  That’s her standard hairdo, compliments of her fashion-diva mom, Wilma.  As a preteen, Pebbles wasn’t into fashion, but she was an excellent baseball player, which led to a misadventure involving her dad Fred in the prime-time special, The Flinstones:  Little Big League.

By that time, Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm had begun dating, and she was getting him and their friends into various misadventures.  Sound familiar?  Yeah, she was taking after her dad by getting into schemes that would inevitably backfire.

Pebbles best friends are Moonrock Crater, Wiggy Rockstone, and Penny Pillar.  They all attended Bedrock High School.  In the hallways, you could often hear Pebbles exclaim, “Yabba-Dabba-Doozie!” which was similar to her dad’s favorite catchphrase, “Yabba-Dabba-Doo!”

As an adult, Pebbles pursued a career in advertising, married Bamm-Bamm, and moved with him to Hollyrock.  They had fraternal twins, Chip and Roxy.

Meanwhile, back when Pebbles was a baby, Betty and Barney found an adorable little fella on their doorstep.  Who would abandon such a cutie?  As soon as he could talk, he was known for shrieking, “Bamm-Bamm!  Bamm, bamm, bamm!” 

The tyke hangs onto his club like other babies drag around their blankets.  He has quite the powerful swing with that thing, so watch out!  At least he is careful around Pebbles, because it was love at first sight during their first play date.  He even helped her learn how to walk.

As a teenager, Bamm-Bamm acquired a “cave buggy,” a prehistoric version of a dune buggy.  This is how he and Pebbles got around town for their dates out.  His interest in automobiles led him to become a mechanic; however, he had other career interests as well.

The love birds grew up and ultimately tied the knot in Rock Vegas where Pebbles’ parents were married.  Their reason for moving to Hollyrock was so Bamm-Bamm could pursue his true goal of becoming a screenwriter.

Pebbles, Bamm-Bamm, and their children Chip and Roxy lived happily ever after!


Meet the Rubbles!  You read a little bit about Wilma and Fred Flinstones’s best friends in my previous two posts.  They came to Sun City Peachtree to join their friends for a round of golf, so I thought I would let you get to know them better.

Hmmm, it just occurred to me how appropriate it is for the Flinstones and Rubbles to be visiting as painted rocks, because they are, after all, residents of Bedrock, and they are from the Stone Age.  As you can probably conclude, they will be playing golf by hitting golfrocks with their golfclubs when their golf game commences.

Anyway, back to the Rubbles, they have been the Flinstones’s best friends since they all worked at that resort when they were young. 

“Betty” is just a nickname for Barney’s wife.  She was born Elizabeth Jean Rubble and is the adoptive mother of their son Bamm-Bamm.  If you have ever watched the 1950’s television series The Honeymooners, you might see the similarities between Betty’s personality and that of Trixie Norton, wife of Ed Norton on the series.  This was deliberate as the Flinstones and Rubbles personalities and relationships were based on the two couples in that old-time comedy.

Betty spends most of her time socializing with Wilma Flinstone, and the two will often pair up to bail their husbands out of whatever scheme of Fred’s has landed them in trouble.

Bernard Matthew “Barney” Rubble is Betty’s height-challenged husband.  If it weren’t for Fred, he wouldn’t be getting into so much trouble.  Fred’s always on the lookout for get-rich-quick schemes, though, and Barney allows himself to get roped in, because he and Fred are best friends.  As a result, he sometimes loses his patience with Fred.

Considering all of Fred’s schemes that Barney has to put up with, he is a really good friend to Fred and the much more jovial, easy-going, and good-natured one of the two pals.  He is also a very caring and devoted husband and father; and, he is quite a respectful, noble, responsible, and understanding guy.

The Flinstones daughter Pebbles and the Rubbles son grew up together, got married, and had children; so, I wonder if they’re all tagging along for that game of golf.  I haven’t seen them yet, but you never know!  Stay tuned…


“WilllmAAAA!!”  That ear-piercing shout you just heard was Fred Flinstone calling out for his wife Wilma.  He’s yelling for her to get out of the rain!  “Oh, Fred.”  That’s Wilma’s typical response whenever he yells at her like that.

Wilma Anna Flinstone is quite the stylish one, wearing a string of pearls (rocks?), fashionable dress, and that gorgeous red hair up combed up in a bun.  Red lipstick completes the look. 

The daughter of Pearl Slaghoople, Wilma is the mother of Pebbles Flinstone and the grandmother to Roxy and Chip Rubble.  Her best friends are next door neighbors, Betty and Barney Rubble.

Wilma and Betty go back a long way.  As young adults, they worked as cigarette girls/ waitresses at a resort.  That is where they met and fell in love with their future husbands, Fred and Barney, who were employed as bellhops.

Fred proposed to Wilma, and they tied the knot in Rock Vegas.  He sure married up, because his wife is the serious, strong-willed, level-headed one in the marriage.  When Fred gets himself into trouble with his ill-fated schemes, Wilma always comes to his rescue and bails him out.

When they got hitched, Wilma became a housewife and developed some awesome cooking and baking skills.  One of her specialties is Gravelberry Pie—the recipe for which she eventually sold to the Safestone supermarket chain. 

In addition to baking and cooking, Wilma’s other homemaking duties include keeping house with such prehistoric aids as a baby elephant vacuum cleaner and pelican washing machine. 

Outside of the home, Wilma enjoys shopping and volunteering for various charitable and women’s organizations in Bedrock. 

When Pebbles was a teenager, Wilma and her best friend Betty both got hired as reporters by one of Bedrock’s newspapers (make that, news-slabs), the Daily Granite.  Their boss was Lou Granite.

After Pebbles grew up and left home, Wilma and Betty became entrepreneurs and started a successful catering business, “Bone-Appetite”.  I’m sure it was a relief to get out of the house and away from all of Fred’s yelling!



Flinstones, meet the Flinstones

They’re the modern Stone Age Family

From the town of Bedrock

They’re a page right out of history…”

I can still hear that toon in my head after all these years!  That’s the beginning of The Flinstones theme song from the Saturday cartoon that my brother and I watched on Saturday mornings when the weather was too nasty to go out to play.  (Of course, in Southern California, that doesn’t happen very often.)

Meet Fred Flinstone, the patriarch of the Flinstone family.  He is married to Wilma, and they have a cute little girl named Pebbles.  You can find them in the town of Bedrock, although they have had different addresses.  Mostly, they can be found at 345 Cave Stone Road.

You’ll know Fred is around when you hear him belt out “Yabba-dabba-doo!”  He’s a loud-mouthed and offensive, constantly scheming ways to improve his family’s working-class lot in life, often with unintended results.

Fred’s obstinate and ill-tempered personality was based on Ralph Kramden from the 1950s television series The Honeymooners and Chester A. Riley from The Life of Riley.  That temper comes out when his immature best friend Barney bugs and pesters him, which makes him frequently mad and aggravated.

The better side of Fred’s personality is that he is mainly friendly, kind-hearted and selfless.  He’ll even go out of his way to help someone.  Fred is also a very caring and loving husband and father.

To support his family, Fred began his working career as a “bronto-crane operator” at Slate Rock and Gravel Company.  Once Pebbles and Barney’s kid Bamm-Bamm became teenagers, Fred and Barney left the company to become officers on the Bedrock police force.  Both returned to their old jobs working for Mr. Slate, once their kids grew up and left home.

Fred’s interests include bowling, playing pool, poker, gambling (he has a serious gambling problem), playing golf, coaching baseball, and lounging around the house.  Although he is a good bowler, he never cold beat Blowhard Sandstone.  Too bad, because Blowhard is more obnoxious than Fred!

Inventing is another one of Fred’s hobbies, although his inventions always tend to backfire.  Take “412up” for example.  The horrible soft drink he created was intended to cure hiccups but instead caused invisibility!  Yikes!!