Meet the Rubbles!  You read a little bit about Wilma and Fred Flinstones’s best friends in my previous two posts.  They came to Sun City Peachtree to join their friends for a round of golf, so I thought I would let you get to know them better.

Hmmm, it just occurred to me how appropriate it is for the Flinstones and Rubbles to be visiting as painted rocks, because they are, after all, residents of Bedrock, and they are from the Stone Age.  As you can probably conclude, they will be playing golf by hitting golfrocks with their golfclubs when their golf game commences.

Anyway, back to the Rubbles, they have been the Flinstones’s best friends since they all worked at that resort when they were young. 

“Betty” is just a nickname for Barney’s wife.  She was born Elizabeth Jean Rubble and is the adoptive mother of their son Bamm-Bamm.  If you have ever watched the 1950’s television series The Honeymooners, you might see the similarities between Betty’s personality and that of Trixie Norton, wife of Ed Norton on the series.  This was deliberate as the Flinstones and Rubbles personalities and relationships were based on the two couples in that old-time comedy.

Betty spends most of her time socializing with Wilma Flinstone, and the two will often pair up to bail their husbands out of whatever scheme of Fred’s has landed them in trouble.

Bernard Matthew “Barney” Rubble is Betty’s height-challenged husband.  If it weren’t for Fred, he wouldn’t be getting into so much trouble.  Fred’s always on the lookout for get-rich-quick schemes, though, and Barney allows himself to get roped in, because he and Fred are best friends.  As a result, he sometimes loses his patience with Fred.

Considering all of Fred’s schemes that Barney has to put up with, he is a really good friend to Fred and the much more jovial, easy-going, and good-natured one of the two pals.  He is also a very caring and devoted husband and father; and, he is quite a respectful, noble, responsible, and understanding guy.

The Flinstones daughter Pebbles and the Rubbles son grew up together, got married, and had children; so, I wonder if they’re all tagging along for that game of golf.  I haven’t seen them yet, but you never know!  Stay tuned…


  1. You’re right about the Honeymooners parallel; I’d never paid attention to that before. Have you ever figured out who is painting and leaving these rocks? It sure is fun.


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