Pluto!!  I’ve been waiting to see if Mickey Mouse’s pooch would follow the scent trail to the Sun City Peachtree bench.  He’s such a cute canine, isn’t he?  Mickey once said, “Aw, you’re just a mutt,” but I don’t care what Mickey says.  He’s an adorable bloodhound, and the mouse is lucky to have him!

The hound first appeared with Mickey on the screen in The Moose Hunt in 1931, so he has been Mr. Mouse’s loyal companion for a very long time.  1934 was the year Pluto made it big, though.  In the short Playful Pluto, there was a scene in which Pluto gets stuck to flypaper and must figure out a way to escape his plight, all with no dialogue.  His facial expressions and antics told the entire story without a word!

Pluto the Pup has a knack for conveying emotion through pantomime, which made him very popular.  As a matter of fact, his prominence in Disney shorts eventually surpassed even that of Mickey’s, with several cartoons dedicating more screen time to Pluto despite headlining as a Mickey picture.  In 1937, the pooch was given his own cartoon series beginning with Pluto’s Quin-puplets.  Way to go, Pluto!

In addition to Pluto’s Quin-puplets, Pluto has a son by the name of Pluto Junior.  Evidently, Fifi the Peke was Pluto’s mate in one film, but Dinah the Dachsund is his girlfriend in others.

Like most dogs, Pluto likes bones, meat, treats, sleeping, stretching, playing fetch, running, hunting, walks, and receiving belly rubs.  He also has a love for licking faces, so watch out!

More than anything or anyone, Pluto loves Mickey, and he is the mouse’s best friend and sidekick.

On the flip side, there are some things Pluto doesn’t like at all:  Cats (especially Minnie’s cat, Figaro!), fleas, dogcatchers, baths, pests, and rodents.  He also feels bad when he upsets Mickey and Minnie.  Don’t take him ice skating either, because he doesn’t like that ice!

These days, Pluto keeps just as busy as Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy as one of the six leading characters of the Walt Disney Company.  Between films, television, printed media, video games, souvenirs, and the group of Disney Parks; Pluto is a very popular pooch! 

In fact, the pup is so busy with all those appearances that he sometimes doesn’t take the necessary time-out breaks in a private manner.  On the Walt Disney Studios lot, there is a curb dubbed “Pluto’s Corner.”  On the curb is a hydrant, while Pluto’s footprints can be seen on the pavement.  Only three footprints are visible, meant to indicate that Pluto (oops!) took a restroom break in that spot.  Well, Pluto, if you need to take a break during your visit to Sun City Peachtree, we have several hydrants located in more discreet locations around the ‘hood.

Meanwhile, Pluto, thanks for being my 50th little random acts of kindness blog posts!  Come by my house, and I’ll give you a great big belly rub!


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