Well, it’s about time you show up, Goofy!  What have you been doing; goofing around?  Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and the rest of the gang are long gone!

Considering Goofy’s clumsiness and ineptitude, I’m not at all surprised that he showed up so late—or showed up at all!

Here’s the scoop on the dog:  Originally dubbed Dippy Dawg, Goofy was conceived as a one-shot Disney character, but proved to be such a big hit that he made regular appearances in Disney short films.

According to Pinto Colvig, the original voice artist for the character, Goofy was inspired by a “grinny, half-baked village nitwit” from his hometown of Jacksonville, Oregon.

The long-eared dog is a bit of a hick with his southern drawl and slapstick style of comedy.  His interests include sports, movies, fishing, road trips, adventures, games, camping, barbecues, parties and dancing.  He also enjoys spending time with his son, Max, and he loves food.  (Who doesn’t?)

There are some things Goofy doesn’t like, especially his own clumsiness and Max’s stubbornness.  He also dislikes loneliness, heights, waterfalls, and rejection.

Since you don’t like waterfalls, Goofy, you better hang a left and head out the back way, because the golf course waterfall is just up ahead, and the Sun City Peachtree entrance has a big waterfall! 

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