First Sylvester, and now Elmer Fudd.  Poor Bugs Bunny can’t catch a break.  Elmer has made it his mission to hunt the rabbit down, and he’s at it again!  If it isn’t Daffy Duck he’s after, it’s Bugs; but, he always fails.

What usually ends up happening on Elmer’s hunting expeditions is that he ends up either injuring somebody else or himself—but, never Bugs Bunny.  Bugs is too crafty to let Elmer get the best of him.  Besides, if Elmer actually was faced with the prospect of succeeding, he would probably just let Bugs go anyway.  In the cartoon, Rabbit Fire, Bugs tricked Elmer into believing he had suceeded in killing Bugs, but Elmer showed great remorse.  As it turns out, Elmer is actually a vegetarian and just hunts for the sport of it.  (He also happens to be a billionaire and owns a yacht!)

Elmer sure has a way with words, Since his R’s and L’s sound like W’s, he says things like, “Be vewy, vewy quiet.  I’m hunting wabbits!”  His way of pronouncing words has become so popular that Google even includes “Elmer Fudd” as one of the novelty languages it will translate to in its search engine.

Late comedian and actor, Robin Williams, was so fond of Elmer Fudd’s pronunciation that he even sang Bruce Springsteen’s “Fire” in one of his sketches. 

Elmer became so famous that he popped up as a guest star on all sorts of TV shows, cartoons, and movies.  He was also mimicked in others, including TV show The Big Bang Theory.  In that show, there was a recurring character named Barry Kripkethat talked like Elmer Fudd.

Now that we have seen Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, and Sylvester, will Bugs Bunny be next to visit the bench?  Stay tuned!


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