Notice something different about this photo?  Speedy Gonzales didn’t appear on the Sun City Peachtree bench today; he landed in our bird box!

What is a “bird box” you ask?  Below our curbside mailbox is an open box that is attached.  These boxes are meant for newspaper deliveries; however, our local newspaper is now delivered by the U.S. Postal Service.  Instead, the boxes are used for delivery of the Community Buzz, which is Sun City Peachtree’s newsletter.  Birthday and holiday cards also get placed there, as do notices for community events and all sorts of other things.  It’s for everything else that is NOT mail, and that includes bird nests!  Yes, the birds have made quite a habit of building nests in those nice, cozy cubby holes.  We’ve had a couple of those nests ourselves.

Today, Speedy Gonzales appeared in our bird box along with a note.  The thing is, the note was a thanks for help that I didn’t provide the person who signed it.  Hmmm…  Putting two and two together, I made a phone call to the person who I believed signed that note.  No last name was provided; however, Bruce had a hunch based on some observations he had made.

Mystery solved!  The artist shall remain anonymous upon request; so, it’s now our secret.  As it turns out, Speedy was meant for my next-door neighbor; so, I took his photo, and then tucked him with the note back into the Ziploc.  I then placed the package in my neighbor’s box.

As long as these little random acts of kindness keep bringing smiles to our community, I will continue to (hopefully!) bring a smile to you! 

Now, a little bit about Speedy…

The Mexican mouse with the yellow sombrero is an Academy Award winner!  In 1955, the short, Speedy Gonzales took the Oscar for Best Short Subject (cartoons).  In the film, one of my previous subjects, Sylvester, is featured guarding a cheese factory at the American/ Mexican border from a group of starving Mexican mice.  The mice call in Speedy to save them. 

From then on, Sylvester was Speedy’s nemesis in a series of cartoons.  The energetic mouse often called Sylvester “El Gringo Pussygato,” and the cat was always outsmarted and outrun by “The Fastest Mouse In All of Mexico.”

Poor Sylvester.  Between being humiliated (and injured) by mousetraps and accidentally consuming large amounts of Tabasco hot sauce; he had a tough time with the little mouse!

That was until 1999, when Speedy Gonzales went off the air here in the States.  In a 2002 interview, Cartoon Network’s Laurie Goldberg explained, “It hasn’t been on the air for years because of its ethnic stereotypes.”  (She was probably referring to Speedy’s buddies who were depicted as being slow, lazy, and possibly drunk…)

Despite the controversy in the U.S.A., Speedy Gonzales is quite the hero in Latin America.  They love him down there, ethnic stereotypes and all!


  1. Glad you solved the mystery for yourselves anyway. The artist has provided a bright spot in everyday life through these delightful rocks, thanks in no small part to your blog. Elaine. I love reading the history you give of each character. I had no idea of any of that info. I’ve really enjoyed seeing the artwork and reading your descriptions each time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Toni! I’m glad you have been enjoying my posts! I sure appreciate you letting me know. I have enjoyed checking out the bench each day to see what surprise I might find. Researching and writing about these fictional characters has been a lot of fun for me too.

      Liked by 1 person

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