Interviewing others for my Encore series in Griffin/Zebulon Life Magazine is something I enjoy as much as writing their stories. In fact, I have found it to be such an enjoyable process that I am now writing artist profiles for another local publication, Kitchen Drawer.” My first artist profile will appear in the next issue with another slated for sometime next year.

Although I have been on flip side (twice) being interviewed for stories in Swimmer Magazine, I was taken by complete surprise when I was asked to be interviewed for . Julia Galan, Director and Head Coach of Swimspire contacted me after reading some of my posts on the United States Masters Swimming (USMS) Discussion Forums:

“Hi Elaine,
What a fantastic initiative to be able to help two people learn how to swim – there is no better feeling!

I’m just so impressed by all of your swimming ventures – getting through shoulder problems, striving to improve, and helping others. I also noticed you have a travel blog, which I flipped through and it looks really interesting!

My website, Swimspire, is an online coaching site but it is also a site for articles about inspiring people. I’d love to feature you in an article, if you agree! You could either send me a write-up about yourself, or I could send you interview-style questions…whatever you like!

Let me know what you think


What did I think? I was flattered! Since I had already written about my experience as a member of USMS for Griffin/Zebulon Life, I sent the story to Julia along with an unpublished story I had written. It was this story Julia chose to include in her article about me: . The story is also posted on Swimspire’s Facebook page: .

Julia, thank you very much for your story AND for your terrific swim advice on the USMS Discussion Forums thread, “The Breaststroke Lane.”

A HUGE thanks (and hugs!) go out to “COOOOOOACH!” Mike Slotnick who really deserves the most credit for improvement in my stroke techniques. Thanks to Mike, what used to be my worst stroke (backstroke) is now my second best and second favorite. Mike is also my training partner on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Steve Lundquist Center. Never has swimming 4,000 yard workouts been as much fun (and as much of a challenge) as when I swim them with Mike. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t be training 4,000 yards in a session if it weren’t for having him in the neighboring lane to challenge me!

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