Another U.S. Masters Swimming Relay Top Ten!

2013 has been a good year for me for relay rankings, especially since I have dealt with a variety of injuries. Earlier in the year, I learned that my 800 Yard Mixed Freestyly Relay just made Short Course USMS Top Ten by placing 10th. Today, I just learned that my 400 Meter Women’s Medley Relay (total ages in the 160-199 age group) placed 4th in the Long Course Meters USMS Top Ten. Now, we sit tight and wait to see how we ranked in the world. Odds are in our favor that we will make FINA Top Ten, if past history is an accurate predictor.

It was truly an honor to have the opportunity to swim with three awesome swimmers: Malena Hankins (backstroke), Cathy Jones (butterfly), and Ashley Grindlay (freestyle). I swam breaststroke and was probably at my worst ever as a masters swimmer, due to an adductor muscle injury and some other medical issues I was experiencing at the time. For better or for worse, here is our swim. We are in the second lane from the bottom of the screen, swimming next to the guys. Since there were not many teams entered in this relay, all of the men’s and women’s relay teams swam at the same time against the clock. Our final time was recorded in the USMS database and compared against other women’s relays in the combined 160-199 age group:

6 thoughts on “Another U.S. Masters Swimming Relay Top Ten!

  1. Congrats on your many successes in spite of your injuries… We think of you and rice often. All the best to you both Melody

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  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! I am just now seeing this. Gmail is sorting out emails into Primary, Social, and – – something else. I forget to check Social and the other one. Your post is under Social!
    As always – – I continue to be impressed and am your biggest fan!!


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