3 thoughts on “OH DEER!

  1. Hey

    Well — it looks like you get more wildlife out in suburbia than we do in the hinterlands! 😉 Very nice photos. When we were up here two weekends ago, we heard (what we believe to have been) a doe calling out for one of her fawns. It lasted for about 20 minutes (and we listened to it while we were on the deck watching the Perseids).

    Haven’t had the time to thank you for the wonderful writeups on our fair City — the City of Tuckus Squeezes and Butt Patts (get it — mayor Filner). I appreciate your sending us the photo of Bruce, Ted and myself. I’ve been exceptionally busy this past week — we had Autodesk meetings at the office — doing something called Autodesk Certified Instructor Training — and I participated in the program (in addition to hosting it at cadteacher). It was three days of amazingly intense work — starting at 0800 in the morning — and working until 0200 — yep — 16 hours of intense classroom and then prep work. Glad it’s over. I think that I passed. Fingers crossed.

    It was really so great being with you again. You are an amazing lady. I need to sign off for right now — need to start working on our car club newsletter!

    Best to Bruce.

    Best Regards

    Al Whitley, MBA, AIA Principal

    virtual design & construction institute /cadteacher/WHITLEYGroup 3904 Groton Street Suite 200 San Diego CA 92110

    http://www.vdci.com (v) 619-758-9888 http://www.cadteacher.com (f) 619-758-1888 http://www.whitleygroup.com San Diego’s Unique Autodesk Authorized Training Center


    • Well, Al, as you know, it was our “fair city” for many years, too! 😉 San Diego will always be in our hearts.

      Our time with you and Ted was one of the highlights of our trip! The time always goes by so fast when we’re together and I just hate saying goodbye.

      Good luck with Autodesk! But, make sure to get some sleep, too!

      Thank you for your kind words (“amazing”!); you made my day. Hugs to you and Ted!!!


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