I could just hear the words of Trevor Denman with his British Accent as he called the races at Del Mar Racetrack, “Where the surf meets the turf.” It was an annual tradition to the go to the races at least once each summer and hear Trevor call them like no other announcer could. He did it with class.

A day at Del Mar was always exciting, especially when we would stand at the rail and feel the wind made by the horses racing by with palm trees as the backdrop. The smell of the ocean air, the warmth of the sun, and the sight of those gorgeous race horses… it was a perfect way to spend a summer afternoon. It was even an inexpensive way to spend the afternoon if we went during the week, brought our own chairs for the “cheap seats,” and spent only the minimum $2 on a bet for each race. Sometimes, we even walked out of there with more money in our pockets than we arrived with, so you couldn’t beat that!

Today brought back those fun memories when Bruce and I took a morning tour with Horse Farm Tours, Inc. Our guide took us in her van past famous horse farms, including the most famous, Calumet. We also toured Ball Farm, Walmac Farm, and Millenium Farm, learning all about the history of the region. Included on the tour were the farms and locations where parts of the movies “Secretariat,” “Sea Biscuit,” and “Dreamer” were filmed.

Our favorite part of the tour, though, was seeing Keeneland Race Course where the race scenes of all three movies were filmed. One look at the property upon arrival, and we could see why. It was drop-dead gorgeous!




It was so quiet and peaceful while we were there. There were no races or other events today, so we were the only people walking the grounds. A maintenance person was kind enough to let us into the high rollers and horse owner’s area to view the track below where we could see several race horses being exercised. What a view!

Later, we went down to the track level and bellied up to the rail to get up close and personal with the horses and their exercisers. That was the highlight of the tour. Everybody was so friendly as they rode by, and one of them smiled and said, “Have your camera ready when I come back by!” Then, one gal brought her beautiful gray mare up to the rail and talked with us for awhile and let us pet the horse. It was a much different experience than being at a track on race day!











Besides Keeneland Race Course, we were most impressed with the beauty of the entire area including Kentucky Horse Park and all of the area farms. Even on a cloudy day, the rolling lush green hills were gorgeous made even more so by the grace and beauty of the grazing horses and their foals.






At the conclusion of the tour, we drove a short distance to the tiny quaint town of Midway, another recommendation my sister gave us. She said it was “adorable,” and she was right!






From there we took her advice to see the Lexington Cemetery, because she said it was “just gorgeous!” Right again! It almost made me sad that all those who are buried there were missing out on the beauty of the place above!

Tomorrow, we’ll be on the road again and head north to Cleveland, Ohio to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame the following day.



The Embarcadero along San Diego was always one of our favorite places to walk in San Diego. Before picking up Bruce’s friend Cal from his downtown office for lunch, we arrived early to stroll along the waterfront.

Just across the street from Cal’s work was The Star of India, a San Diego icon. Her black iron hull and rigging was still as beautiful as ever!

A new attraction for Bruce, however, was the decommissioned Midway, an imposing sight on the downtown skyline. I had forgotten that he never made it downtown to see it before we moved.





Nearby, Luna, owned by Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich, was glistening in the sun. From what we hear, this was just one of his yachts!


The following is a short story on the yacht:


It was wonderful seeing Cal again. We met at the same time I met Bruce, so I have known him since 1986. Bruce and Cal are a hoot together when they get joking and laughing, so we really enjoyed our time together. After enjoying a leisurely lunch at Seaport Village, we walked along the marina and Seaport Village, and concluded with a beer on the patio of the Hilton Hotel. It was so nice that Cal took the afternoon off to spend some quality time with his old work buddy!







Our evening with good friends Ted and Al was spent dining on South Beach Bar & Grille fish tacos, rated in the top three of fish tacos in the nation by Bon Apetit Magazine. In Bruce’s last four meals, this was his third of fish tacos and my second!


The following day, we headed north to my childhood home in Lakewood (near Long Beach), to stay with my mom for three nights. My best friend, Laura, was down from Santa Cruz visiting her mom just two houses up the street. It was Laura’s birthday, so her sister and I took Laura, Bruce, and the two moms out to dinner to celebrate.

It was so wonderful to spend the evening and part of the next two days with my best friend of 43 years!


Spending time with my family was terrific, too. Dinner with different family members over the following two nights and being with my mom was a special way to end what turned out to be what Bruce and I agreed to be a great vacation!