We had good intentions when we collected all of those shells, but Bruce and I never followed through with crafting a shell-covered mirror frame for our powder room– in San Antonio. It was seven years ago when we moved from that house, left Texas behind, and made our way to Georgia. Our shell collection came with us and ended up in the attic, never to be seen again until I got motivated to sell some of our collectibles on ebay and donate the rest.

There it was, the bucket of shells collected from South Padre Island, and who knows where else. I don’t remember, but I think we even added to the bucket when we brought home shells from Sanibel Island. Why? I have no idea, because those good intentions were a distant memory by then.

Perhaps it’s all about the hunt. Hunting for shells is much like doing macro photography. It forces you to slow down and carefully study your subject. In doing so, you appreciate the beauty around you so much more. Besides, it’s fun! You never know what you’re going to find, and when you will find the one; that beautiful specimen might end up proudly displayed on a shelf to admire.

I imagine the thrill of the (shell) hunt to be much like “garage sale-ing.” Is it really about that perfect find? It could be the process that is so enjoyable to garage sale enthusiasts: Waking up at the crack of dawn, pouring over the classifieds while sipping a cup of coffee, circling the locations of garage sales to shop, mapping out a route, and then hopping in the car with great anticipation of bargaining for a great deal.

After contemplating our motivations, Bruce and I came to the same conclusion: Collecting shells was much like travel; it was about the journey, not the destination. We enjoyed the process, but not necessarily the collection itself. Aside from a few beauties I’ve displayed to enjoy , there was no longer a valid reason to keep the rest. The shell mirror frame was forgotten long ago, and our good intentions were gone.

It was time for our shell collection to go full circle. They had come from the sea, so we returned them to where they belonged. Who knows where they will end up next? Perhaps another couple combing the beach for shells will gather them with good intentions, and they will go full circle once again.



8 thoughts on “GOING FULL CIRCLE

  1. I Loved your post! You are exactly right about the hunt. I too brought home shells from our recent trip to Sanibel island. Hunting for that perfect one entertained me for hours, and when I found something special, it made my day. Miss you guys!!


    • Isn’t Sanibel Island beautiful? Kayaking through the Mangrove Tunnels, Kayaking and watching the dolphins feed near the pier, and beachcombing by the Lighthouse were my favorite activities. The only thing we didn’t like about Sanibel Island was the long drive to get there. Neither of us could stand the idea of doing it in one day, so we stayed in Ocala overnight each way. Lucky for you, Sanibel Island is close to you!

      We miss you, too! HUGS!!


  2. We’ve been enjoying your posts – – though the thought of you in that little bitty kayak with alligators around is kind of scary!! No telling how many others were observing you as you back paddled! I LOVE “Going Full Circle.” Having recently downsized and gotten rid of treasures (including sea shells), your and Bruce’s solution seems the best! BTW: ever since you introduced us to fish tacos at the Oink Joint – – I have ordered them on many occasions in other restaurants. Hands down – – none have compared to the Oink Joints! Take care, my friend! Love you


  3. Between our two trips here, we have spent a lot of time in that lake, and that was the first gator I’ve ever seen. It made ME wonder, though…

    What was funny was paddling like a made woman out to where Bruce was fishing to tell him about it. I made him stop fishing, so he could come see the gator– from a distance. When we returned to the gator’s sunning spot, he was gone, and I said to Bruce, “I wasn’t telling you a gator story, he really was THAT big!” At least I had the photos to prove it. 😀

    I’m glad you have been enjoying my blogs, especially “Going Full Circle,” because you GOT it.

    As for Oink Joint, the only other fish tacos we have tried elsewhere and enjoyed were the ones at 6th Street Pier. That’s great you liked fish tacos enough to want to try them at different restaurants! I am also on the hunt for the best shrimp tacos. Nothing beats the ones we had in Rockport, Texas!

    Love ya TONS!


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