Yesterday, the temperature was 86 degrees, we were wearing shorts, and sipping on cold water to stay cool. Today, it was rainy and a cold 46 degrees when we started out towards Vermont.

Although it was a dreary day, the drive east was beautiful. We passed through small villages and towns on back country roads, enjoying the lush scenery. At various times along the way, we also passed three Amish families in their buggies being pulled along the shoulder of the road the old-fashioned way: by horse.


Scarlett (our Toyota Prius) had her first ferry ride as we crossed the state border at Lake Champlain into Vermont. Due to the rainy weather, we passed on outdoor activities upon our arrival in Burlington and opted for a brewery tour at Magic Hat Brewery. What a trip. This brewery definitely had a vibe like no other.

On the tour, the question was asked by our guide, “Who knows how our brew ‘#9’ got its name?” I shouted out, “From the song, ‘Love Potion #9!’ ” Although I won a large “Magic Hat Brewery” glass for answering the question, the guide confessed he didn’t know if that was the correct answer. Nobody seems to know how that beer got its name!






We enjoyed our free beer samples (especially “Circus Boy”) and were on our merry way.

As there isn’t much else to report on this transit day, I will add a few comments about two observations we made in New York State that warmed our hearts.
First, along one of the highways, we saw this sign:


Do I hear a round of applause? There were many other “TEXT STOP” signs along the highways, and I applaud New York for reminding drivers to put their damn phones down when they are behind the wheel!

Our second obervation was the extremely high price for a pack of cigarettes ($10!!!) which we assume included a huge amount of taxes piled on to the pack price. AMEN! Perhaps a price like that will prevent kids from taking up the nasty and unhealthful habit of smoking. We wish Georgia would do the same thing.

OK, I’ll get off my soap box now. Cheers!

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