How Many Laps (In This Pool) Is A Mile?

When we made reservations with Seahorse Cottages, on Sanibel Island, I wasn’t concerned whether it had a pool or not, since I had done my research and knew the Sanibel Recreation Center pool was suitable for training.  So, I really didn’t give any thought to what I would find, once I arrived to our cottage.  Imagine the look on my face, however, when I saw this:


Needless to say, I never laughed so hard at the sight of a “pool” in all my life!  It is, I’m sure, smaller than Sun City Peachtree’s spa!  I thought about getting my suit on and having Bruce photograph me “swimming” backstroke, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet; I’ve been too busy swimming in this pool, instead:


So, what do you think?  How many laps do you think it would take to “swim” a mile in our cottage pool?  I should measure the pool and figure it out…

Meanwhile, Sanibel Recreation Center’s pool is quite nice.  The facility is only five years old, so everything is in excellent condition and quite clean.  And, I don’t get kicked out of the pool between 9am – 10am, like I do at Sun City Peachtree, when the four or five noodlers get the entire pool all to themselves for their “water aerobics” class!  Here, they keep two lanes open at all times during every water aerobics class!  And, it really is water aerobics (no cd’s) with a teacher who encourages those ladies (and gentlemen) to move.  She is an excellent instructor; so good, even I might even become a noodler, if I lived here on the island.  These noodlers have it good!

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