Fishing (and Not Catching); No Fish Stories Today

If you already read yesterday’s blog, you might want to scroll back and take a look at a couple of photos I added; the alligator I mentioned and some beautiful white pelicans that just arrived from Canada.  I was too tired to go through my photos last night, so I went through and picked out a few favorites to add to yesterday’s and today’s post.

We ended the day, yesterday, with a relaxing walk along Bowman’s Beach, noted for its excellent shelling.  But, the shelling actually turned out to be better 1-1/2 blocks from our cottage, not far from the lighthouse.

So, here are the photos I collected, rather than shells:





Today, after swimming at the Sanibel Recreation Center, we took our kayaks out on the bay for some fishing and photography.  Note that I said “fishing”, not “catching”.  (After all, Bruce did purchase a fishing permit; not a catching permit.) Thanks to the ten degree drop in water temperatures that occurred just before we arrived on Sanibel, the fish are in a bit of shock, perhaps.  But, it was fun watching the birds, including two ospreys on their nest, surveying the activity below.  And, to top things off, we saw a pod of dolphins that came quite close to Bruce’s kayak.  Although I didn’t get close enough to get a good photo, it was fun watching them- and, trying to catch up with the pod!

I did get a few photos of the ospreys and other birds; however, you won’t be seeing those (or any other kayaking photos) until after we return home.  I didn’t realize until today that I don’t have my new waterproof camera’s software on my netbook; it is only my desktop computer- at home.  It’s not that I forgot to do load it; it just never even occurred to me.  Note to self, added to my spiral notebook that goes everywhere I go:  Load Fuji software on netbook!  That was notated right below:  Write Debbie’s October 28th birthday on my 2013 calendar!  Happy belated birthday (again), Deb; we’re thinking about you!

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