Translation:  I went swimming at Bernkastel-Rue’s swimming pool; an outdoor pool.  Rue is on the other side of the river from Bernkastel, so it is all known as one place; like Buda and Pest, as “Budapest”.

I don’t have any photos to show you, because I was afraid to bring anything of value with me, just in case there were no lockers.  It was a one mile walk each way to the outdoor 50 meter pool, located in a recreation complex next to the schools.  Nico, our program manager, found it for me on the internet and provided a map, so I could find my way there after our walking tour and free time in Bernkastel.

I had plenty of time for my swim, since we stay tied up until this evening, when we continue our cruise up the Moselle, back to the Rhine.  But, I intended to get there and back in time for our wine tasting onboard; even though I am not a fan of German wines.  What the heck!

As it turns out, I had no problem getting back in time.  The air temperature today is in the low 60’s and the water temperature was 68!  Needless to say, I kept up a brisk pace, just to stay warm and had to cut my workout short, because of the cold.  But, it was heaven!  I had the pool to myself; I was the only swimmer!  And, the view from the pool was of the steep green mountainside, covered in a patchwork of grape vines.

The pool was a true Olympic-style pool; 50 meters and 8 lanes, with a similar system as Auburn University’s pool.  NICE.  It felt great to swim for the first time in 11 days.  And, now, my souvenir from my swim is the scent of CHLORINE on my skin.  Ahhh…  (Odd reaction, I know, but other swimmers understand.

On my one-mile walk back from the pool, I happily munched the cheese sandwiches the chef so nicely put together for me, while the other passengers were enjoying their full lunch aboard ship.  I attempted to gather a sandwich together from the offerings on the lunch buffet and throw it in my Ziploc, but the chef insisted on packing me a lunch, instead.

I must say, this afternoon’s swimming experience was a unique one.  I have never trained in a European swimming pool before, nor have I happily walked down the street with a bag slung over my shoulder, scarfing  cheese sandwiches with a spring in my step!

Check back soon for a full post on the non-swimming portion of our cruise down the Moselle and our visit to Bernkastel…

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