Last night, we spent the night in Trier which produces some of finest wines of Germany.  After dinner, we were entertained on board by a lovely classical trio; a violinist, violist, and guitarist.  This morning, we were greeted by brisk sunshine; perfect weather for our walking tour of the (very!) historic center of Trier.

Trier, is Germany’s oldest town, dating back to 2000 BC when an Assyrian prince arrived and named the place Treberis, after himself.

In 16 BC the legions of Julius Caesar set up a simple camp that eventually became a great city, one of the four great capitals of the Roman Empire, second only to Rome in importance.  There are more Roman ruins here than anywhere else north of the Alpine mountains, such as Porta Nigra, the chief landmark of Trier.  It’s a massive fortified city gate built during the second century AD.


One of the other Roman ruins we saw during our drive through Trier was the Imperial Baths (Kaiserthermen).  When I think about how OLD these ruins are, it just blows my mind!  Afterall, “old” in our country is only 200 years old!

During our walking tour, we visited the basillica and cathedral.  This shot is the ceiling in one area of the cathedral.


The main square was so photogenic and quaint, because of the architecture of the half-timbered and very old buildings surrounding the square.  In the center, vendors were selling flowers and fruit, and they were surrounded by wonderful cafes filled with people watching the world go by.









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