It is a warm and beautiful day, so I was sure another Peanuts Gang would appear on the bench in all its painted glory.  I first saw Charlie Brown, several days ago (although, I didn’t photograph or write about him), and then Linus and Snoopy followed.  Yesterday, Peppermint Patty came to visit, so who would be next? 

Today, it’s Sally Brown, Charlie’s little sister!  After reading up a bit on Sally (to fill in the holes of my spotty memory), I was reminded that her crush wasn’t Schroeder, as I previously stated; it was Linus van Pelt!  How could I forget?  (Due to my error, I edited my previous post.)

Ah, yes, Linus was her “Sweet Babboo,” much to Linus’s dismay and embarrassment.  Sally’s devotion to her crush was unwavering, though, even when Linus yelled in exasperation, “I’m not your sweet babboo!”  Was it her nickname for Linus that irritated him so much, or was it that Sally kept trying to get him to give up his blanket?  Poor Sally was hopelessly devoted to her “Sweet Babboo;” however, the blanket won out as Linus’s main squeeze.

Who will be next?  Will there be an Act 4?  In addition to the other pals of Charlie Brown that I previously mentioned, Linus and Lucy had a little brother by the name of Rerun.  Will he ride in on the back of Mom’s bike to grace our Sun City Peachtree bench?

There is also the pony-tailed Violet Gray and Shermy, Charlie’s bud before Linus and Schroeder came along.  Perhaps they’ll make an appearance.

Personally, I’m hoping to see Woodstock, Snoopy’s little yellow bestie!  Stay tuned!