Since a different Peanuts Gang pal of Charlie Brown has made a bench appearance each day, I was excited to see who would be depicted on a painted rock today.  Another warm afternoon (before tomorrow’s predicted thunderstorms) made it conducive for the short walk to the bench to investigate.

Making his painted-rock appearance today was perpetually dirty, dust and dirt magnet, Pig-Pen!  (Having just taken my shower, I didn’t want to get too close for fear of being enveloped by Pig-Pen’s always-present cloud of dirt and dust.) 

Poor guy.  Even when Pig-Pen gets cleaned up, he always manages to attract a huge, dirt cloud around him, the moment he steps outside.  Kind-hearted Charlie Brown accepts Pig-Pen for who he is, though, unlike Patty and Violet who hurl insults at the messy kid.

Tomorrow, the rains will come and wash Pig-Pen off before he is removed from the bench; however, he won’t stay clean for long!