It occurred to me that I had first seen Charlie Brown from The Peanuts Gang depicted on a painted rock, before I came across yesterday’s discovery of Linus and Snoopy.  I began to wonder if the bench near my Sun City Peachtree home would soon have their pals smiling up at me from painted rocks as well. 

Last night, Bruce and I tried to remember all of The Peanuts Gang:  Charlie Brown and his little sister, Sally; Beethoven-loving pianist, Schroeder; Linus and big sister Lucy; Peppermint Patty and her friend, Marcie; Franklin; Snoopy and his little yellow pal, Woodstock; Snoopy’s brother, Spike; and, then, who could forget Pig-Pen? We actually remembered only nine of the characters; Wikipedia helped me with the rest.

Today, I returned to the bench, and there she was; Peppermint Patty waving hello!  She was keeping Linus and Snoopy company.  So, who will be next?  Stay tuned…


Since the pandemic began over a year ago, somebody in my Sun City Peachtree community has been leaving painted rocks around the community.  I wrote stories about them, and I never figured out who the artist was behind these little random acts of kindness.

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a very accurate rendition of Charlie Brown; however, I never got around to returning with my camera to capture his sweet grin.

Today, on a beautiful Easter Sunday, the weather was too perfect to not spend some time outside on a walk.  I passed that same bench where I had discovered many other rocks over the past twelve months, and Charlie Brown was gone.  In his place was Linus giving Snoopy a big hug.  Next to them was another rock with a heart.  Who doesn’t love the Peanuts gang?  These little random acts of kindnesses made me smile, and I hope they bring a bit of joy to your day.