Little Elroy Jetson finally caught up to his big sister Judy to join her on the Sun City Peachtree bench.  He exited the aerocar with his sis and parents, George and Jane; however, you know how a typical six-year-old is—easily distracted.  He couldn’t resist playing with turtle he saw along the way that was probably headed for the pond.  (Turtle crossings do happen around here from time to time!)

Elroy is the smart kid in the family.  He is an expert in space sciences and loves messing around with high-tech gadgets and robots.  The Space Club Troop is lucky to have Elroy as an active member, and Little Dipper School can boast having Elroy as one of their top little dippers.  He especially excels in the subjects of elementary electronics and advanced finger painting.

Like most little kids, Elroy loves dogs, so his pooch, Astro, is his best friend.  He also pals around with two human friends, Jimmy and Irvin.

When it comes to his favorite foods, Elroy reminds me of my nephew, Nathan, many years ago when he was Elroy’s age, because they both liked noodles with butter for dinner!


George and Jane Jetson’s daughter, Judy, is now making her appearance here at Sun City Peachtree.  Like her mom, the 15-year-old teenager is quite fashionable, as you can see!  She is also a typical teen girl obsessed with boys (she has dated 30 of them), rock stars (especially teen idol, Jet Screamer), shopping for clothes, and talking on the phone or hanging out with her friends from Orbit High School.

Many teenage girls write in a diary about their friends, latest crushes, and high school happenings, and Judy is no different.  Her diary, however, is a floating robotic diary named “DiDi.” Cool!  I wouldn’t mind having one of those to write these blog posts!

Judy is also into a lot of other high-tech gadgets.  Her favorite?  How about zero-gravity switches made for rockin’ the latest dance moves?!  I’m sure many of us here at Sun City would appreciate having those at our disposal on Friday Dance Night to save our aching arthritic hips!