What in the world is Mr. Spacely doing here?!  He just can’t leave George Jetson and his family alone to enjoy their visit to Sun City Peachtree.

Cosmo G. Spacely, George’s boss, is a real piece of work!  This is the guy who owns Spacely Space Sprockets where George works.  He’s always yelling at George for one thing or another, because he thinks his employee is not doing a good job.  Typically, he’ll videophone George and start the conversation by yelling, “JETSON!!” at the top of his lungs.  Sheesh.

This guy is a greedy dude, too.  Driven by the almighty buck, he is so obsessed with profit he was prepared to see the Jetson family buried alive under rubble and the total destruction of the Grungee’s homeworld, just so Spacely Sprockets could reach its 1,000,000th sprocket milestone.  Only when confronted by George and under extreme duress does he back off.  (By the way, in case you missed seeing The Jetsons, Grungees are a race of furry alien creatures.)

Not only does Spacely regularly verbally assault George at work, but he also finds excuses to get involved in George’s personal life, increasing poor George’s already high stress level. Spacely is constantly yelling “You’re Fired!!” to George for the slightest offense.

Rosie the Robot has no use for Mr. Spacely and does her best to come to George’s defense.  In the pilot episode, the robot clobbered Spacely with a pineapple upside-down cake!  You go, girl (uhhh, robot!)!

A bit about Mr. Spacely’s personal life, the short, rotund tyrant with the 3-hair combover is married to the snooty Mrs. Stella Spacely.  She henpecks at her husband unmercifully, so perhaps that’s the reason Mr. Spacely projects that onto poor George.

The couple have a son Arthur, and he has a pet dog named Zero.  His mother-in-law is Mrs. Meltdown.

During the 1980’s, Spacely constantly turned things into competition between his family and the Jetsons, and that didn’t sit too well with George’s wife, Jane.  No wonder why she stormed off from the Sun City Peachtree bench when she saw Cosmo Spacely coming!


There’s Astro!  I was wondering where the Great Dane was, because he is Elroy’s best friend.  Astro probably stopped to dig up a bone he sniffed out along the way.  After all, there are a lot of pet dogs here at Sun City Peachtree, and you never know if one of them might have buried a bone around the ‘hood.

Astro was adopted by Elroy when he found him during the fourth episode of The Jetsons.  His parents were at odds with each other as to whether they should let their little son keep the canine.  George was against it, because he felt an apartment was no place for a dog; however, Jane, and Elroy’s sister, Judy, wanted to keep him.

Majority rules, so George was S.O.L.  The thing is, by the time the 15th episode came along, they learned that Astro belonged to zillionaire J.P. Gottrockets and was actually named “Tralfaz.”  The Jetsons knew they had to the right thing and return the pooch to his rightful owner; however, Mr. Gottrockets realized that his dog was happier with the Jetsons and allowed him to go back home with them. 

Now, Astro isn’t just your average dog.  He has a rudimentary grasp of the English language and talks a bit like Scooby-Doo in Scooby Doo Where Are You!  It’s the r’s he has a hard time pronouncing, so instead of saying “I love you, George,” it comes out sounding like “I ruv roo, Reorge.”  As a result, when he expressed how much he hated the name “Tralfaz,” he said, “Ralfaz… Ruck!” which was supposed to be “Tralfaz… Yuk!”  “Uh-oh!” sounds like “Ruh-roh!” when Astro says it, which is often since it’s his signature expression.

Like a lot of dogs, Astro isn’t especially found of felines.  A joke at the end of each episode in the 1960’s run shows George Jetson walking Astro on an automatic dogwalker outside his apartment.  Astro chases a cat causing the dogwalker to go fast; George loses hold of the dog leash; Astro and the cat jump to one side, and both watch George forced to run for his life on the out-of-control dogwalker screaming for Jane to “stop this CRAZY THING!” George eventually falls and is carried by the treadmill’s belt around its path, under the machine and back up again.

I guess the Jetsons won’t be adopting a cat any time soon!


Just as predicted, Jane Jetson has joined her husband George for a visit to Sun City Peachtree.  Although I didn’t see it in the vicinity, I’m sure they arrived by aerocar, as that is the standard transportation utilized by all humans in the next century.  Chances are that George was behind the wheel, because Jane is a horrible driver.

In addition to being the matriarch of The Jetsons and George’s dutiful wife, Jane heads up Skypad Apartments’ recycling company.  When she is not working, the ultimate space age housewife loves shopping for the latest and greatest high-tech household gadgets.  One of her favorites is the Food-a-Rac-a-Cycle she uses to make meatloaf, her specialty.

Jane is also a fashionista, and she loves shopping at Mooning Dales, her favorite store for the latest fashions.  That is probably where she bought her favorite purple dress with the white collar and light purple leggings that she always wears—an outfit that compliments her flaming-red hair quite nicely.

When she is not shopping for household gadgets or fashions, Jane can be found at the Galaxy Women Historical Society.  Once at home, though, Jane gives her full love, support, and attention to George and her two children, Judy and Elroy.

Just don’t make Jane angry, though.  George’s boss, Mr. Spacely, has gotten the wrath of Jane due to his mistreatment of George and the family.  On another occasion, her son Elroy didn’t win any smiles and hugs from Jane when he broke one of her favorite vases.  This was the dialog between Jane and George when he congratulated her for not getting mad immediately:

George: “And because you kept cool, you warmed his heart.”

Jane: “I’d prefer to warm his bottom.”