In search of her boyfriend Donald, Daisy Duck visited the Sun City Peachtree bench today!  She missed him by a couple of days, but they’ll catch up with each other soon, I’m sure.  After all, Donald is probably hanging out with the other four “Sensational Six” members:  Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, and Pluto; and, she would want to miss out on all the action.  She loves being the center of attention, after all, and she gets plenty while starring in animations, merchandising, and theme parks.

Daisy is an interesting duck!  Although she often scolds Donald about his anger issues and hot temper, she has a bad temper as well.  Projecting??? 

Love is always in Daisy’s heart, though.  She loves and cares for Donald as his loyal girlfriend, and she just wants him to be the best duck he can be.  Even with all of his flaws, she has faith in Donald.

When it comes to herself, Daisy is a fashionista and loves to shop.  She’s quite the diva when she shows off her latest outfits (complete with sunglasses).  A typical fashion-forward outfit consists of a pink or purple blouse with puffed short sleeves and a V-neckine, in addition to a matching bow, heeled shoes, and a single bangle on her left wrist.  Daisy doesn’t typically wear pants; however, she can sometimes be seen wearing a skirt or longer dress to cover her tail feathers. 

The television series Quack Pack gave Daisy a more mature wardrobe and hairstyle, because she was cast as a television reporter.  In House of Mouse, she was issued a blue and purple employee uniform, with a blue bow and a long ponytail. 

Daisy’s uniform got tossed when she joined Mickey Mouse in his self-titled animated TV series.  She is back to wearing her trademark pink blouse with a matching bow.  White boots with pink daisy designs were added to complete the ensemble.

When it comes to her personality, Daisy can be a bit eccentric and overbearing to her friends.  She tends to get overly excited and talkative, so Minnie and the others tend to feel suffocated by her presence.

If the attention isn’t focused on her, Daisy gets envious of whoever is in the spotlight.  That happened when Minnie was the star in an ice-skating show.  Daisy just couldn’t keep her envy in check, and she sabotaged Minnie’s show!  Poor mouse; she thought Daisy was her best friend.  With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Daisy finally came to her senses, though, and realized their friendship was more important than being under the spotlight.  She apologized to Minnie for being so selfish, and admitted her shortcomings. 

Good on ya, Daisy Duck, for realizing that it’s not all about you!


Yesterday’s rock didn’t inspire me to research and write a story; however, Pinocchio deserves to be shared as a random act if kindness:


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