The Peanuts Gang is back!  I was so happy to see little Franklin out there on the bench today.  Bloom County got me in a fowl mood, so it was uplifting on this gorgeous spring day to see Franklin smiling up at me with open arms.

I have always liked Franklin, because he is such a kind and smart kid.  We also share some things in common.  Like me, he is a swimmer and a member of a swim club.  Cool!  He also stays busy with all sorts of other interests, just like I do.  The active boy is into playing baseball, hockey, and guitar; and, he’s a member of 4H.  He is also quite the skilled dancer, from leading Marcie in a waltz to busting some hip breakdancing moves.

Thoughtful and supportive, Franklin is always available to help out his friends.  What a great kid!  He even likes hanging out with his grandparents, and often swaps grandfather stories with Charlie Brown.

Franklin and Charlie first met at the beach, and their friendship began when he offered to help Charlie fix his crooked sand castle.  When Franklin took up Charlie’s offer to visit him in his neighborhood, he met Charlie’s friends who he thought were a bit odd.  (It freaked him out that Linus believed in the Great Pumpkin!)  He became friends with all of Charlie’s buddies anyway. 

Peppermint Patty and Marcie live in Franklin’s neighborhood, so they already were friends and classmates. 

Franklin, thanks for visiting us here at Sun City Peachtree.  It was an honor having you grace our bench today!

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