As I jumped out of bed and streaked across the back of our house to answer the phone this morning, I neglected to notice the peeping Tom’s outside our bare windows.  It wasn’t until I hung up the phone that I looked out and saw I was being stared at by two gorgeous fawns casually relaxing under the trees in our backyard!  Bambi 1 and Bambi 2 weren’t spooked by the commotion I made, nor were they in any hurry to leave when I returned  with my camera.

These two little Sun City Peachtree cuties have been spotted by several of my neighbors in the past, and we were thrilled to get to see them hanging out at our house this time.



8 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING, BAMBI(S)!

  1. We have deer in our neighborhood, too! Milton likes to eat their poop. Most of the neighbors get irritated when they see deer in their yards, but I kind of like it. Those creatures are so beautiful and graceful!


  2. THANKS FOR SHARING! I’ve seen these two up here also, in fact this afternoon they were snacking on Tom’s shrubs and roses.🌺🌿🍴🍷💕😋

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