“Parsippany”. What a funny name. “Ogunquit” and “Kennebunkport” (both in Maine) tickled my funny bone, too.

What’s in Parsippany, New Jersey? Not much. It’s just a place to stop for the night after driving through the rest of Rhode Island, and continuing through Connecticut and New York.

Tomorrow morning, we were going to head to the Poconos and hike the trails in Bushkill Falls; however, rain is in the forecast. Instead, we will head directly to our second planned stop for the day, the Martin Guitar Factory in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, by now, you’re expecting to see some travel photos, right? Well, I have none. Zero. Zilch. Notta. Not one. It rained while we pulled off in New Haven to see Yale University, so we drove around the campus and got back on the highway.

Here in Parsippany, we have no clue what may be here to photograph. We don’t care to find out. We’re just here to pause, relax, and reflect. After all, it’s now Day 30 of this road trip, and we have so much great stuff to reflect back on!

For a change of pace, since Bruce has been my silent partner in this blog, I would like to turn it over to him for today’s post.

When asked his impressions of our road trip thus far, Bruce replied, “To this point, it has been as interesting as it is diverse. In no particular order are my most impressionable memories:

Mansions: The Elms & The Breakers

Castles: Boldt & Singer

Waterfalls: Niagara & Lucifer

Factory Tours: Corvette, Louisville Slugger Bat, Magic Hat Brewery, Maker’s Mark (especially the Dale Chihualy glass ceiling installation), and Ben & Jerry’s

Tours: Barbara Mandell’s Log Home & Lexington Horse Farms

Horse Racing Tracks: Keeneland & Churchill Downs

Museums: Corning Glass & Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Walks: Marginal Way (Ogunquit, Maine) & Cliff Walk (Newport, Rhode Island)

Chocolate Delights: Goo Goo’s, Colt’s Bolts & Rebecca Ruth’s bourbon balls

Wineries: Bully Hill & Konzelmann

I anticipate and look forward to more adventures before we complete our journey.”

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