After crossing the border back into the States this morning, we made our way down Highway 14 along Seneca Lake, one of New York’s beautiful Finger Lakes. Geneva was a particularly charming town, and many of the gorgeous homes had incredible views of the lake below.

It seemed like there were wineries everywhere, because this is one of New York’s premier wine regions. What a beautiful area to winery hop! We’re saving that for Tuesday, though, when we tour the wineries around Hammondsport.

Today, we opted to make our way instead to the south end of Seneca Lake to Watkins Glen State Park. On the way, we stopped for lunch at FLX Wienery (yes, you read that right) a place recommended by Karyn, our tour guide from yesterday’s wine tour at Konzelmann Winery.


What a trip. As it turns out, the owner and Executive Chef of this wiener and burger joint is an award-winning chef who is featured in the current (dated May 31, 2015) issue of Wine Spectator.

Click on the picture below, and check out the menu. There were some, uhhh, interesting creations to say the least. We chose “Wiener Art: The Kraut.” I call it “Heart Attack on a Plate,” but it tasted great! (For dinner, I’m having a Wegman’s Grocery salad, though…)




After waddling out of FLX Wienery, we continued south to Watkins Glenn State Park with the idea of walking off a fry or two during our hike up the falls. The sign informed us there would be 800 stairs to the top, so do you think each stair was worth one calorie?

Along with everybody and their brother (and sister… and mother…) here for the Memorial Day holiday weekend, we made our way up to the top, enjoying the gorgeous falls along the way. Avoiding selfie sticks (Bruce calls them “Narcissist sticks” was a challenge at times, but we were bound to have this problem anywhere we traveled during the holiday weekend. Still, the falls were breathtaking, and it was well worth fighting the crowds.








Tomorrow, we’re off to the Corning Glass Museum for my first visit and Bruce’s second visit. They have expanded a great deal since Bruce was there 20 years ago, so this will be a great day for both of us!

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