Georgia Games Open Water Meet: FUN!

Last year, I enjoyed racing the 3K and 1K in the Georgia Games Open Water meet so much that I signed up again this year. It is not part of the Georgia Championship Series this year, however, the Swim 4 Our Lives open water meet, in September, is part of the series. So, this was a great opportunity to get in some open water racing experience.

What a great day at Lake Acworth! The conditions were perfect; cloudy skies and a comfortable water temperature, thanks to all the rain Georgia has had lately. It really cooled the water down nicely.

This year, there was a short break between the 3K and 1K, so it wasn’t quite as crazy as last year, when I crossed the finish line and ran right back out to join the 1K group.

No gold or silver for me this year, but I did beat out three others in my age group to win bronze in the 3K, and I beat four others to win bronze in the 1K.

Most of all, I just really enjoyed racing in the lake today!


3K Finish


1K Finish


1K Finish


My 3K Bronze Medal


My Georgia Masters teammate, Eleanor “Ellie” Jones beat out another teammate to win gold in her first open water race.  I was so proud of her today!


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