My Article Was Published!

Well, it isn’t exactly the most widely distributed magazine where my article appears. In fact, my first published magazine article was only distributed to about 5,000 homes. But, it’s not like I am trying to make a full-time career of writing, either! This is just a fun project I have taken on for the heck of it. I enjoy writing; the reason I started this blog.

Griffin/Zebulon Life Magazine is a new free community magazine that is direct mailed to homes in the south Griffin and Zebulon areas of Georgia. Hibu (the yellow pages people) started publishing this magazine in February and is in the process of rolling out what will ultimately be 3,500 community magazines throughout the country.

My first contact with the publication manager of this magazine was on behalf of Griffin Choral Arts, in hopes of getting my press releases and photos included to publicize our concerts. That was accomplished- and, more.

Soon after my initial contact, I received an e-mail from one of my media outlet contacts from my job, Mike Boylan, letting me know he had left the newspaper he had been working at for 14 years and took over as publication manager of Griffin/Zebulon Life. (The former publication manager was shifted to the northern Atlanta region of publications.) One thing led to another in our e-mails and I am now writing articles and doing photography for the magazine, in addition to submitting PR for Griffin Choral Arts.

I am writing a series called “Encore”; my first article appears in the May, 2013 issue. Mike had asked me to write about U.S. Masters Swimming, after he saw my swim meet photos on my website ( and learned I was a competitive swimmer.

Here is a scan of my article:




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