I Slept Like a Baby Last Night…

…but, this is a travel blog.  So, back to Sanibel Island… 😉

We woke up this morning to winds too brisk for kayak fishing, so we opted to return to Tarpon Bay to paddle through the mangrove tunnels.



Although we weren’t as lucky this time to see a Roseate Spoonbill or River Otter, we did see many egrets and herons to keep my camera active and both of us entertained.  It was a beautiful paddle, once again; a must-do for anybody traveling to Sanibel Island.


The afternoon has been a relaxing one.  Lunch was very casual; an Italian Sub and California Wrap at Sanibel Deli & Coffee Factory.  Once again, Trip Advisor reviews steered us to the right place! 

After lunch and one last walk along Lighthouse Beach, we returned to the cottage to start organizing for our trip home.  Whaaaaaa!  The time, as always, has gone by much too quickly.  We hit the road in the morning, stopping for the night in Ocala, before returning home on Friday.  We are not keen on making the drive in one day, so it will be a slower trip home which is just fine.

Sanibel Island has been wonderful; a place we plan to return to next year.  The only negative was the abundance of noseeum bites we managed to collect on every nook and cranny of our bodies; in between the tons of repellent we were forever spraying on ourselves to avoid them.  But, noseeums and all, we’ll be back!

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