On the Road to Sanibel Island, Florida, With Bruce- and, Trudy


It was finally time to break down and buy a GPS.  Still being fairly new to Georgia and the East Coast, we were forever printing out Maquest or Google Maps to find our way to craft shows, swim meets, or destinations we were out exploring.  But, the directions were often wrong; the source of one too many frustrating bouts of bickering in the car.  Enough was enough!  Enter… Trudy.

Trudy is our new GPS, named in memory of Trudy the Travel Trailer, once owned by our friends, Ted and Al, before it was destroyed in a mountain fire that stormed through their property.  Trudy was a classic; may she rest in peace.

Our Trudy has an interesting habit reminding me of my days spent in Australia with the Aussies.  When she instructs us to turn right at an upcoming street, she will end the sentence with, “…and turn right?”, ending the sentence with an upward lilt of her voice sounding as if she is asking a question, rather than making a statement.  Are you sure, Trudy?  If so, say it with conviction; make a statement!  Trudy must be an Aussie at heart, because they speak the same way, sounding like they are asking a lot of questions.  But, I loved the Aussies, and, I love Trudy.

So, Trudy got us to Sanibel Island, Florida, safe and sound, stopping for a night in Ocala, along the way, as well as a fish market, The Sanibel Island Welcome Center, Sanibel Recreation Center, and Bailey’s Supermarket, before finally arriving at the Seahorse Cottages; our final destination.  At times, when we veered off her instructed path, she would implore us to make a U-turn, but, we would just laugh and reassure her, “Don’t worry, Trudy; it will be alright.”  And, after getting over herself, she would…recalculate.  Trudy is a true champ.


Sanibel’s colorful Welcome Center


I loved Sanibel Island’s warning to snowbirds entering the Welcome Center!


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