This post is for my U.S. Masters Swimming friends…

While cruising the Rhine on the river boat, my current home away from home, I didn’t want to miss out on the scenery by working out in the gym.  So, I killed two birds with one stone by “swimming” the Rhine while up on the top deck.  I, of course, can’t swim the Rhine; the current runs too fast and the water is too cold.  Besides, we’re cruising…


Walk laps around the deck for 15 minutes, followed by my favorite Swimmer Magazine shoulder stabilization and dynamic stretching exercises.  Finish by setting up my circuit training; attach my stretch cords to the railing on deck.

Main Set:

Walk 2 laps; fast pace, about 5mph speed.

Stop and “swim” a 50yd freestyle, 50yd fly and 50yd breaststroke on stretch cords; count strokes to match a typical swimming 50.

Walk 2 laps fast, stopping on the second lap to grab my Hammer Nutrition water bottle (from Summer Nationals) for sips of water while I walk.

Stop and drop for 10 military pushups

Walk 2 laps fast, stopping along the way to grab my camera and snap a shot of the castle.

Stop and “swim” (same as above)

Walk 2 laps fast

Stop and drop for 50 stomach crunches

Walk 2 laps fast

Rinse.  Repeat.

Continue routine for desired time period; one hour for me, so I wouldn’t miss my favorite breakfast from the buffet:  Muesli with tiny flat squares for bittersweet chocolate, topped with fresh fruit and yogurt. 0

This was my favorite dryland travel workout yet.  How about you?  What was your favorite dryland workout, when swimming was not an option?


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