Yes, it’s Tuesday, and it IS Belgium.  For those of you old enough to remember, that was the title of a hilarious movie!

So, this will be a short post, as I only have about 10 minutes to spare before it’s time to leave for a guided walking tour by our program manager, Nico.  Unfortunately, it’s thundering outside and it’s going to be a wet one!  No worries; we’re having a blast!

My mom and I arrived safely.  Lucky for me, I flew British Airways and had a very nice flight.

Our hotel is gorgeous and located right in the center of town.  That came in handy, yesterday, as I had purchased plenty of chocolate along the way and needed to drop it off at the hotel!

Speaking of chocolate, it is a chocoholic’s paradise here.  My mom and I zig-zagged our way down every street, popping into every single chocolatier to oooh and ahhhh at all the beautiful displays.  I, of course, took tons of photos- and bought a lot of chocolate!  Our bathroom has a scale, so I weighed my purchases; 3 kg in all (6.6 pounds).  Yikes!  We still have France, Luxembourg, Germany, and Switzerland to go! 


I am prepared.  I brought a full-sized suitcase, but filled it up with bags of styrofoam peanuts and empty plastic soda bottles, so it wouldn’t get crushed.  I weighed in at 19kg; about 41 pounds.  So, going back, I will add some of my chocolate, then bring the rest in my rollaboard.  And, a tote bag (full of chocolate, of course), will become my purse, on the way home.

As I mentioned, I took a lot of photos, yesterday, however, I have had no time to upload them!  We walked from 10AM until 11PM last night, only stopping for a chocolate covered Belgium waffle for lunch.  YUMMMM! Then, after a brief stop at the hotel before dinner, we were off again.  After dinner, we walked more.  What a blast!

Brugge is gorgeous!  We took a boat ride through the canals and had a wonderful walking tour.  Between the architecture and the canals, it is wonderful!  And, then, there is the chocolate…  Ha!  Even the beer!  Mom and I stopped for a beer yesterday, trying out the recommended cherry beer.  We both decided we liked the Framboise (raspberry) better…

Well, more on Brugge later, along with some photos, when I get a chance.


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