Revival Confections- YUM!

Speaking of chocolate, those chocolate bar ratings got me thinking about my favorite childhood treat:  CHOCOLATE COVERED RAISINS.  I have vivid memories of visiting my “Gramma” and us walking over to Grant’s Department Store, so she could buy me some chocolate covered raisins.  What a treat that was; I loved them!  Saturdays with Gramma was the best.

Today, I still have fond memories of those chocolate covered raisins, however, they were tiny little things, just like me at the time.  Now, when I think back to those times, I often find myself saying, “They just don’t make things like they used to…”- accept when it comes to chocolate covered raisins.  In the case of my favorite childhood treat, there is someone who makes them better than they used to.


The biggest, yummiest chocolate covered raisins I have ever seen and tasted are from Revival Confections: .  Full disclosure, the company was created and is owned by my sister, Gail Asch, of Los Angeles, California.  Chocolate covered raisins were one of her favorite treats as a kid, too, so she decided to perfect the confection and share them with others.  You can read more about her company on her website.

In addition to her to-die-for chocolate covered raisins, she also has Chocolate Toffee Almonds and Hand Dipped Dark Chocolate Covered Apricots; both incredibe!  She offers all three in a really nice gift pack, so it’s something to keep in mind for family and friends, when the holidays roll around.  While you’re at it, treat yourself to a gift pack or perhaps just a pack of chocolate covered raisins and relive your own yummy childhood memories.  They will make you smile!

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