A little about me…

As a graduate of Recreation Administration, from San Diego State University, I have made recreation and travels my career and life’s passion. After graduation, I traveled solo for one year throughout the South Pacific, doing travel photography in a wide variety of settings. Upon my return, many of my photographs became the subjects of my newly created line of handcrafted photographic greeting cards, “Exquisite! By, Elaine.”

In 1989, I teamed up with my mom, Goldie, teaching arts & crafts to cruise ship passengers, aboard Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean. In addition, I lectured on travel photography, as well as Australia and New Zealand history, aboard Princess Cruises.

In 2004, I formed a new teaching team with my recently retired husband, Bruce, who served as my “humble assistant” for six years until the teaching opportunities aboard ship became scarce.

My favorite mode of travel is by river boat or small group travel, especially in Europe. Along the way, I enjoy poking around small towns, meeting the people, seeking out interesting photo subjects, and always stopping at every chocolatier to make a purchase. Adding to my chocolate label and wrapper collection is a bonus!  And, as a U.S. Masters swimmer, if I can find a pool to get in a swim with the locals, all the better!



38-Cozumel-Dolphin Encounter.jpg

~ Believing in your dreams can be far more rewarding than living by your limitations~ -Karla Peterson

2 thoughts on “A little about me…

  1. I love the fact you collect chocolate wrappers and chocolate names on wrappers? I (we) have collected so much that once we had our own auction with our own Auctenier! I am German so I know the Rivers, growing up on the Enz.


  2. Thanks! It has been a fun, interesting, and delicious experience! And, a nice thing about it is I can continue adding to the collection without it taking over my house. So far, my collection only takes up space in two 2 (large) ring binders of plastic sleeves. I use sleeves that normally would hold photographs and baseball cards with pockets of various sizes. And, I arrange them by country, in alphabetical order. I will post an index of my collection; at least what I have filed so far. Perhaps you can recommend some chocolates that are missing from my collection??? I would sure appreciate that! Soon, I will post the itinerary for my upcoming cruise, as well. Perhaps you even live near one of our stops!

    Thanks for writing!



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