A little about me…

As a graduate of Recreation Administration, from San Diego State University, I have made recreation and travels my career and life’s passion. After graduation, I traveled solo for one year throughout the South Pacific, doing travel photography in a wide variety of settings. Upon my return, many of my photographs became the subjects of my newly created line of handcrafted photographic greeting cards, “Exquisite! By, Elaine”, a business I have had since 1986. Check it out at: www.ExquisiteCards.fototime.com

Since 1983, I have teamed up with my mom, Goldie, teaching arts & crafts to cruise ship passengers, aboard Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean. In addition, I have lectured on travel photography, as well as Australia and New Zealand history, aboard Princess Cruises.

In 2004, I formed a new teaching team with my recently retired husband, Bruce, who serves as my “humble assistant”.

When I am not on the ocean cruise liners, my favorite mode of travel is by river boat. Along the way, I enjoy poking around small European towns, meeting the people, seeking out interesting photo subjects, and always stopping at every chocolatier to make a purchase. Adding to my chocolate label and wrapper collection is a bonus! And, as a U.S. Masters swimmer, if I can find a pool to get in a swim with the locals, all the better!



38-Cozumel-Dolphin Encounter.jpg

~ Believing in your dreams can be far more rewarding than living by your limitations~ -Karla Peterson

2 thoughts on “A little about me…

  1. I love the fact you collect chocolate wrappers and chocolate names on wrappers? I (we) have collected so much that once we had our own auction with our own Auctenier! I am German so I know the Rivers, growing up on the Enz.


  2. Thanks! It has been a fun, interesting, and delicious experience! And, a nice thing about it is I can continue adding to the collection without it taking over my house. So far, my collection only takes up space in two 2 (large) ring binders of plastic sleeves. I use sleeves that normally would hold photographs and baseball cards with pockets of various sizes. And, I arrange them by country, in alphabetical order. I will post an index of my collection; at least what I have filed so far. Perhaps you can recommend some chocolates that are missing from my collection??? I would sure appreciate that! Soon, I will post the itinerary for my upcoming cruise, as well. Perhaps you even live near one of our stops!

    Thanks for writing!



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